About Omax Watches India

Founded in 1946 in Geneva, Switzerland watchmaker Montres Omax SA left behind 66 years, have high values , a long-established Swiss Watch company. As "One of the world's leading watch manufacturer", began exporting in the 70’s from Switzerland.
"Omax Quartz technology" developed in those years, specialized in automatic and winding watches. The leading designers of the period in 1974 Andre Le Marquand designed "Spaceman" a new collection which was a pioneer in the design flow. Time goes beyond with this design approach "Jump Hour" special models such as “Spaceman”. Omax became a famous Brand name amongst the world’s legends within few hours of exhibiting in the museum of Modern Art in New York.
"Being one of the leading manufacturers of hours" for the purpose of regulating the Omax yen in 1995, the organizational structure, "with the battery running time machine", which means that the inventor of the Japanese Seiko Epson Quartz technology partnership with the company as a result of the entry into production moved to Switzerland, Japan and Hong Kong.
Today, around the world, with annual sales of over 10 million is one of the leading companies in class.